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South Central Scholars

For many students in underprivileged communities throughout the world, even the very thought of applying for or attending college may seem like entertaining a mere fantasy rather than an achievable goal. Students that grow up in crime-ridden neighborhoods, suffering from financial hardships and household disturbances, are often left out of common college plans made by typical high school students. South Central Los Angeles is one such disadvantaged region, and home to many families struggling with poverty and social dangers. br>
Our staff at South Central Scholars Foundation strives to enhance the lives of disadvantaged students through higher education. Our primary goal is to encourage and mentor students residing in South Central Los Angeles to not only attend college and graduate school, but to have the necessary funds to cover the cost of tuition through scholarships and summer job opportunities. We also provide high school students with information about current internship positions that can be used as stepping stones into the corporate world.

For additional information regarding our college scholarships, internships, mentorships, and career opportunities, ask your local educational counselor or visit us at www.SouthCentralScholars.org.

Article provided by South Central Scholars Foundation
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Kindergarten thru High-School in Portland (Companies And Services in Ask A Merchant) Get inside information about the schools in your area before your child enrolls. Turn to the experts at Askamerchant.com before you make the important decision about whichKindergarten through highs schools to attend.

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Company: Alameda Elementary School
Address: 2732 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-6036
Map and Directions
Company: Alder Elementary School
Address: 17200 SE Alder St, Portland, OR 97233
Phone: (503) 255-4673
Map and Directions
Company: Archbishop Howard Catholic School
Address: 5309 NE Alameda St, Portland, OR 97213
Phone: (503) 281-1912
Map and Directions
Company: Arleta Elementary School
Address: 5109 SE 66th Ave, Portland, OR 97206
Phone: (503) 916-6330
Map and Directions
Company: Astor Elementary School
Address: 5601 N Yale St, Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 916-6244
Map and Directions
Company: Beach Elementary School
Address: 1710 N Humboldt St, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-6236
Map and Directions
Company: Beaumont Middle School
Address: 4043 NE Fremont St, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-5610
Map and Directions
Company: Bridlemile Elementary School
Address: 4300 SW 47th Dr, Portland, OR 97221
Phone: (503) 916-6292
Map and Directions
Company: Buckman Arts Focus Elementary School
Address: 320 SE 16th Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 916-6230
Map and Directions
Company: Centennial Learning Center
Address: 17630 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97233
Phone: (503) 762-3202
Map and Directions
Company: Chapman Elementary School
Address: 1445 NW 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97210
Phone: (503) 916-6295
Map and Directions
Company: Chief Joseph Elementary School
Address: 2409 N Saratoga St, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-6255
Map and Directions
Company: Clark K8 @ Binnsmead
Address: 2225 SE 87th Ave, Portland, OR 97216
Phone: (503) 916-5700
Map and Directions
Company: D.A. Grout Elementary School
Address: 3119 SE Holgate Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 916-6209
Map and Directions
Company: Glenfair Elementary School
Address: 15300 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR 97230
Phone: (503) 252-3479
Map and Directions
Company: Gordon Russell Middle School
Address: 3625 SE Powell Blvd, Gresham, OR 97080
Phone: (503) 667-6900
Map and Directions
Company: Hall Elementary School
Address: 2505 NE 23rd St, Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 661-6330
Map and Directions
Company: Hartley Elementary School
Address: 701 NE 185th Pl, Portland, OR 97230
Phone: (503) 665-0134
Map and Directions
Company: Highland Elementary School
Address: 295 NE 24th St, Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 665-7158
Map and Directions
Company: Hollydale Elementary School
Address: 505 SW Birdsdale Dr, Gresham, OR 97080
Phone: (503) 661-6226
Map and Directions
Company: Holy Cross Area School
Address: 5202 N Bowdoin St, Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 289-3010
Map and Directions
Company: Holy Family School
Address: 7425 SE 39th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 774-8871
Map and Directions
Company: Holy Redeemer School
Address: 127 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 283-5197
Map and Directions
Company: Humboldt Elementary School
Address: 4915 N Gantenbein Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-5468
Map and Directions
Company: North Gresham Grade School
Address: 1001 SE 217th Ave, Gresham, OR 97030
Phone: (503) 661-6415
Map and Directions
Company: Northwest Academy
Address: 1130 SW Main St, Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 223-3367
Map and Directions
Company: Ockley Green Middle School
Address: 6031 N Montana Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-5660
Map and Directions
Company: Open Meadow High School
Address: 7654 N Crawford St, Portland, OR 97203
Phone: (503) 285-0508
Map and Directions
Company: Open Meadow Middle School
Address: 7602 N Emerald Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 978-0809
Map and Directions
Company: Peninsula Elementary School
Address: 8125 N Emerald Ave, Portland, OR 97217
Phone: (503) 916-6275
Map and Directions
Company: Powell Valley Elementary School
Address: 4825 SE Powell Valley Rd, Gresham, OR 97080
Phone: (503) 661-1510
Map and Directions
Company: Prescott Elementary School
Address: 10410 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97220
Phone: (503) 408-2150
Map and Directions
Company: Richmond Elementary School
Address: 2276 SE 41st Ave, Portland, OR 97214
Phone: (503) 916-6220
Map and Directions
Company: Rieke Elementary School
Address: 1405 SW Vermont St, Portland, OR 97219
Phone: (503) 916-5768
Map and Directions
Company: Ron Russell Middle School
Address: 3955 SE 112th Ave, Portland, OR 97266
Phone: (503) 256-6519
Map and Directions
Company: Sabin Elementary School
Address: 4013 NE 18th Ave, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: (503) 916-6181
Map and Directions
Company: Sacramento Elementary School
Address: 11400 NE Sacramento St, Portland, OR 97220
Phone: (503) 408-2800
Map and Directions
Company: Sellwood Middle School
Address: 8300 SE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503) 916-5656
Map and Directions
Company: Shaver Elementary School
Address: 3701 NE 131st Pl, Portland, OR 97230
Phone: (503) 408-2850
Map and Directions
Company: St Therese Catholic School
Address: 1260 NE 132nd Ave, Portland, OR 97230
Phone: (503) 253-9400
Map and Directions
Company: Stephenson Elementary School
Address: 2627 SW Stephenson St, Portland, OR 97219
Phone: (503) 916-6318
Map and Directions
Company: The International School
Address: 25 SW Sherman St, Portland, OR 97201
Phone: (503) 226-2496
Map and Directions
Company: Ventura Park Elementary School
Address: 145 SE 117th Ave, Portland, OR 97216
Phone: (503) 256-6508
Map and Directions
Company: Vernon Elementary School
Address: 2044 NE Killingsworth St, Portland, OR 97211
Phone: (503) 916-6415
Map and Directions
Company: Walt Morey Middle School
Address: 2801 SW Lucas Ave, Troutdale, OR 97060
Phone: (503) 491-1935
Map and Directions
Albina Youth Opportunity Schl in Portland
Centennial Middle School in Portland
Central Christian Church in Portland
Harriet Tubman Middle School in Portland
Harvey Scott Elementary School in Portland
Pleasant Valley Elem School in Gresham
Rigler Elementary School in Portland
Sitton Elementary School in Portland
Tree Of Knowledge Preschool in Gresham
Troutdale Elementary School in Troutdale

ABC Mouse Kids Learning

Helping Kids Learn to Read

If you have a baby or toddler at home, you may already be fantasizing about the day he or she graduates from high school, thanking you in a famous valedictorian speech sure to wow the crowds sitting on the bleachers! If this dream sounds familiar, odds are you've also spent some time researching early education books and preschool programs that can help your child get ahead of the curve. Many parents who have expressed similar sentiments and concerns have been thrilled with the educational exposure their kids have received through ABC Mouse. As an online educational website for kids, ABC Mouse provides children with learning games and activities, focusing on phonics, math, science, geography, art, and music. Additionally, ABC Mouse helps kids learn to read, making the educational process both entertaining and interesting for kids. By teaching letters and phonics through songs and interactive games, ABC Mouse helps kids in preschool and kindergarten learn to read before entering elementary school. Homeschool instructors and teachers can also enroll in the site’s programs, using its interactive features and lessons to supplement their classroom curriculum.

To discover the ways in which these games and activities can help your child learn to read, visit ABC Mouse.

Invitation provided by © ABCMouse, Inc.

Mt. Hood Community College

For those wanting to attend a community college in the Portland area, Mt. Hood Community College might be the most practical choice. Tuition rates at MHCC are much less than those at local universities, so students can save money while earning their Associates Degrees. MHCC also offers athletic programs, financial aid for those who qualify, as well as a wide variety of student services.


Places to Visit in Portland: Mt. Hood Community College*
Category: Colleges and Universities
*Editors Favorite
Sara Alamdar, AskAMerchant.com Editor


About Portland
Oregon’s largest city and the Pacific Northwest’s third largest, Portland boasts a population of approximately 2 million residents in the Portland Metropolitan Area.  Known as the “City of Roses” for its ideal climate for growing roses, Portland is also known for its many parks, public transportation system and the Trailblazers NBA basketball team.

Portland’s Location
Portland is located in Oregon state where the Willamette and Columbia rivers meet.

Portland’s Neighborhoods
Northwest Portland includes the Pearl District, Old Town Chinatown, the Northwest District, and various residential and industrial neighborhoods.

North Portland is a mixture of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Northeast Portland is made up of a diverse collection of neighborhoods, including exclusive residential areas and working-class neighborhoods.

Southeast Portland incorporates the warehouses along the Willamette through historic Ladd's Addition to the Hawthorne and Belmont districts and Gresham.

Portland’s Climate
Warm, sunny and dry during the summer with an average high of 81 degrees in July.
Winters are usually mild to chilly with moisture and a high of 46 degrees in January.
Average of 155 days a year with measurable precipitation.

Portland’s Square Miles 145.4 square miles
Portland’s Population 568,380 residents
Portland is: the Largest City in Oregon and the 23rd largest city in the U.S.

2000 Portland Demographics:
- White 77.9%
- Hispanic or Latino 6.8%
- American 6.6%
- Asian 6.3%
- Native American 1.0%
- Total Population (2000 est.)= 529,121

Portland’s Major Attractions
Portland Art Museum
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Portland Classical Chinese Garden
International Rose Test Garden
Forest Park
Portlandia statue
Powell's City of Books

Important Phone Numbers in Portland
Police: 911
Fire: 911
Sheriff: 911
Non Emergency: (503) 823-3333

Airline Information: 503-460-4234
Public Transportation: (503) 238-RIDE
Radio Cab: (503) 227-1212
Broadway Cab: (503) 227-1234
Yellow Cab: (503) 227-1234
Portland Taxi: (503) 256-5400
Portland Shuttle: (503) 327-1094
Northern Lights Towncar Services: (503) 760-2478
Lucky Limousine & Towncar: (503) 254-0010
Amtrak: (800) USA-RAIL
Alamo Rent-A-Car: (503) 513-9550
Budget Car and Truck Rental: (800) 826-2090
Enterprise Rent-A-Car: (503) 284-8055
DMV: (503) 299-9999
Dept. of Transportation: 503-731-8200

Portland Water Bureau: 503-823-7770
Public Utilities Commission: (503)823-3008
Portland General Electric Co.: (503) 464-8000
Pacific Corporation: (503) 813-5000
Constellation Energy Group: (503) 552-6150
Northwest Natural Gas: (503) 226-4211?
Comcast Cable: (503) 335-3663?
Time Warner Cable: (503) 234-6183?
DISH Network: (503) 684-1567
Qwest: (866) 438-4939

Multnomah County Library (503) 988-5123
Portland Development Commission (503) 823-3200
Oregon Convention Center Info (503) 235-7575

City Information:
City/County Information Center(503) 823-4000
Travel Portland (503) 275-9750

School Districts:
Portland Public Schools (503) 916-2000

The Oregonian (503) 968-3162
Northwest Examiner (503) 241-2353
Business Journal of Portland (503) 274-8733
Willamette Week (503) 243-2122
Portland Observer (503) 288-0033

KNRK FM - (503) 733-5470
KGON FM - (503) 733-5466
KKRZ FM – (503) 226-0100
KVMX FM - (503) 517-6400
KWJJ FM  -  (503) 226-9653
KFXX FM – (503) 223-1441
KXL AM - (503) 243-7595
KOAC AM - (503) 293-1982

KATU TV Ch. 2 - (503) 231-4222
KOIN TV Ch. 6 - (503) 464-0600
KGW TV Ch. 8 - (503) 226-5000
KPTV TV Ch. 12/30 - (503) 906-1249
KRCW-TV  Ch. 32 - (503) 644-3232
KOPB-TV Ch. 10/27 - (503) 244-9900

Better Business Bureau (503) 226-3981
US Patent and Trademark (800) 786-9199
US Copyright Office (202) 707-3000
CDC (800) 611-5170
CA Contractors Licenses (503) 378-4621


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